Do you often struggle to fall asleep and crave for a deep cuddle or massage to soothe you to sleep? Do you sometimes feel like you need an extra pile of blankets over your legs to stop them from being restless? Then this is your lucky day because this Baloo weighted blanket review is for you.

When I first heard about weighted blankets, I thought the person who introduced them must have been crazy. How do you sleep with over 15 pounds draped on your body? Isn’t that suffocating yourself, making your body hot, and uncomfortable? So I thought.

However, an encounter with a friend who was an insomniac like myself changed my perception of weighted blankets.

My friend alluded her change in sleep patterns to her wonderful 15 lbs weighted blanket. I thought that I could also try myself being an insomniac, albeit, still skeptical of it.

I got my hands on this beautiful Baloo weighted blanket that is so soft-to-the-touch and comfortable to fall asleep in. 

MY Baloo weighted blanket review details my experiences and findings of this wonderful product.

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Otherwise, read on to learn more about Baloo’s wonderful products.

About Baloo Company

The last few years have seen an explosion in the manufacturing of weighted blankets as they become mainstream. Many startup companies and industrious individuals have immersed themselves in this growing industry.

The challenge with most of them is that they use substandard materials. Most of the weighted blankets sold on big online stores are made from cheap materials. I am not in the business of mentioning brand names, but you can easily guess from a quick search online and customer reviews.

Most of the manufacturers that claim to be household names in the weighted blanket industry give little to no information about themselves.

Baloo company, in my opinion, is an exception because of what they stand for. The quality of their products also speaks for itself.

Baloo company is a small startup that fully supports and stands for eco-friendliness philosophies. The company is carbon neutral. 

The company uses Oeko-Tex certified materials, and it donates a portion of its proceeds to the pajama program.

The Baloo company is a member of the NYC Fair Trade Coalition and Ethical Brand Directory.

Baloo Cool Cotton Weighted Blanket

The Baloo Cool Cotton Weighted Blanket provides a bedroom vibe as opposed to the living-room vibe. It provides easy maintenance hence preferable for those who do not want a weighted blanket that is hard to maintain. 

With this weighted blanket, you get a soft-to-the-touch feel and comfort that soothes you to sleep instantly. 

The design of the Baloo Cool Cotton Weighted Blanket uses premium quality materials. It is a well-known company that uses highly breathable cotton that is chemical-free and provides maximum comfort.

The Baloo company’s cotton fabric meets the Oeko-Tex Standard. Oeko-Tex textiles and fabrics have zero harmful chemicals, hence it is known as the safest products for human use. 

Baloo Weighted Blankets have a size designed to perfectly fit the queen-sized bed without any loose hanging on the side. This guarantees that your entire body is covered and the weight is evenly distributed exerting maximum pressure.

It is the manufacturer’s recommendation that you keep the weight of the weighted blanket to 8-12% of the body weight. This way, you stand to reap maximum benefits from it.

The weighted blanket by Baloo can be washed on a machine and dried in a dryer. Ensure that you sort your laundry and wash the whites-only on their own. It is recommended that you use cold water on gentle cycles with machine wash. Dry it as well on low heat.

With a Baloo weighted blanket, you get a 100 percent guaranteed refund or replacement if you are not satisfied with the weighted blanket within 30 days. You also get a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship.

Baloo Weighted Blanket – Design and Materials 

The Fabric Material

The first thing notable from Baloo’s weighted blanket is that it’s white in color. It’s common with other brands to have different colors. 

However, with Baloo, you only get white color, which looks elegant. It also makes the weighted blanket more of a bedroom utility than a sitting room draper.

The outside fabric of the Baloo weighted blanket is described as premium cotton. However, the information on the exact thread count is not available.

The cotton fabric however feels so soft, smooth, and comfortable. You can easily use it on its own without sheets in-between or with a duvet cover. This way, you save on the extra cost that comes with a duvet cover, but the only problem is the white fabric is exposed and can easily attract dirt.

Filling Material

Micro glass beads are used to fill the weighted blanket just like most of the weighted blankets nowadays. The official report from Baloo is that the glass beads are hypoallergenic, but to be honest, almost all the weighted blanket brands say that, so we just accept because, at the moment, it is almost hard to prove it right.

What sets Baloo aside from the rest is how the pockets holding the micro glass beads are stitched. The pockets are double-stitched and contain a minimal amount of fiberfill. That makes it cooler than most of the weighted blankets.

The minimal use of fiberfill has its downside on a weighted blanket. It means that the glass beads move around freely in their own pockets. It is therefore possible to find the micro glass beads bunching on the edges of each pocket as you move and turn around. 

However, you will agree with me that you would rather have them budge at one point and create that pressure rather than having a thick and denser cover fills. 

Baloo weighted blankets have their glass beads moving around and hugging you on a new position that you move to.

My verdict in the Baloo weighted blanket review is that the design quality and finish are top-notch. Customer reviews from more than 500 customers on their website also confirm my obsession with the weighted blanket.

Stitching of the Baloo Weighted Blanket

Stitching technology and quality plays a big role in weighted blankets and shouldn’t be ignored. Weak stitching will give way to glass beads after being used repeatedly for a few days. This is risky because the weight will shift to one side reducing the weighted blanket’s efficiency.

For Baloo, their stitching is quality with pockets stitched at 5 inches square boxes. This is reinforced after one inch forming a double stitch, one-inch squares at the corners of the pockets.

The double stitches by Baloo weighted blankets provide reinforcement should any stitches come out. This is shown in the image above.

Most of the brands come with single stitching such as YnM, Quility, Layla, and Luxome. It is rare to find a brand that has invested heavily in its stitching like Baloo weighted blanket.

Baloo has also invested a lot in the stitching on its edges and the loops. The stitching is neatly finished and there are no loose cotton threads hanging.

Baloo Weighted Blanket Weight and Size 

Baloo blanket sizes
Available sizes

Baloo weighted blanket has been made in three sizes – twin, queen, and king.

Unlike most of the companies, Baloo offers limited weight and size options for their weighted blankets. The good thing with this is that it gives its customers the simplicity of choosing the weighted blankets.

The twin Baloo weighted blanket is only available in 12 lbs. The king Baloo weighted blanket is available in 25 lbs size. The queen has two weight options to choose from, 15 lbs and 20 lbs.

Selecting the right weight for Baloo weighted blanket is still a subject of contention. It is widely recommended that you go with a weighted blanket that is 10 to 12 percent of your body weight. However, I feel that the weight of the weighted blanket should be the one that feels comfortable on you.

The Baloo weighted blanket weight chart is shown below.

Baloo Blanket Weight Dimensions
Twin/Throw 12 lbs 42” x 72”
Queen 15 lbs / 20 lbs 60” x 80”
King 25 lbs 80” x 87”
Baloo weighted blanket weight chart

Optional Cover 

Baloo weighted blanket covers

You can choose to use the elegant Baloo weighted blanket on its own. However, if you are afraid of the white color, as I am, you will go for a duvet cover.

Baloo offers duvet covers made from a stunning 100% french linen material. This gives it a beautiful look and it comes in a variety of colors.

The covers have been made for each of the Baloo weighted blanket sizes. You only choose the color and size.

Unlike other weighted blanket brands, Baloo weighted blanket duvet cover is fastened with wooden buttons and not a zip.

The Baloo weighted blanket has six loops. The duvet cover has six corresponding ties to fix them on the weighted blanket. The covers can be attached and removed with a lot of ease.

Weighted blanket loops
Weighted blanket loops

However, for a large blanket like the queen size and king size Baloo weighted blanket, I think eight loops and ties would be enough to avoid straining the loops. But since the manufacturers have decided that way, I recommend that you tie them well to avoid damaging them.

One thing that I will note in this Baloo weighted blanket review is that their duvet covers are very expensive. The twin/throw cover comes at $99, the queen size cover is $129 while the king-size cover comes in at $179. Honestly, I think their covers are the most expensive I have ever seen.

How Cool is the Baloo Weighted Blanket – Does it Overheat?

Baloo weighted blanket uses premium cotton that is soft, breathable, and durable. The blanket doesn’t trap heat because of its breathability. It is therefore cool enough to be used all year round.

Despite all that, I still believe that the ‘cooling’ description on a weighted blanket is relative. In most of the weighted blankets, the term ‘cooling’ is used as a marketing stunt.

Never expect miracles in your bedroom with a 15 lbs weighted blanket on you and think it will keep you cool. In my own experience, I would rather sleep without any cover than having extra weight on me during a hot summer. For you, it can be a different case.

I believe Baloo is however honest in the way they describe their weighted blanket, and this makes its review unique. In their website, they have the following to say about their weighted blanket:

“We use premium cotton chosen for its softness, breathability, and durability. The blanket doesn’t trap heat, so it’s cool enough to use year-round in all climates.”

Baloo Weighted Blanket Cleaning Instructions

Baloo weighted blanket care instructions

Baloo weighted blanket is completely machine washable making it the key feature in this review. 

According to Baloo’s care instructions, you should wash the weighted blanket on a cold gentle cycle using mild detergents. Baloo suggests that you tumble dry the weighted blanket on a low setting.

The materials used in making the weighted blanket makes it dry faster. Within 15 – 20 minutes of placing it in the dryer, your blanket should be dry.

For more simplicity, get the optional duvet cover and it will be easier keeping your weighted blanket clean. You simply untie the knots and wash your duvet cover with the rest of the linen. This is a great option if you have kids or pets around.

My Experience Using the Baloo Weighted Blanket

Honestly, I must say that my experience using Baloo weighted blanket motivated me to put up this review. I have reviewed other weighted blankets based on other people’s experiences, but I was never convinced that weighted blankets work.

It’s two weeks since I started using mine and honestly, I think I have slept more than I have ever slept in my life. In most cases, I used to wake up at night only to stay awake until 4 am in the morning thinking of nothing in particular.

Today, I only find myself being woken up in the morning, and honestly, I never felt like waking up even after sleeping for more than 8 hours continuously.

Initially, during the first two or three days, the Baloo weighted blanket felt too heavy, but within a week of using it, I was surprised to find the blanket lighter and comfortable. 

Good Points 

  • Great aesthetic and high-quality design.
  • It is neatly finished and uses double stitches for their pockets to prevent glass beads from leaking.
  • Hypoallergenic lead-free micro glass beads fill.
  • Highly breathable.
  • The outside fabric uses soft cotton
  • The materials are Oeko-Tex certified and chemical-free.
  • Good for both daytime relaxation and sleep.
  • 30 day returns period and lifetime craftsmanship warranty.


  • Expensive compared to other weighted blankets
  • Limited sizes and weights
  • Available in only white color


Baloo offers a 30-day return window which is normal for all the weighted blankets. They however have a lifetime craftsmanship warranty. Few companies if not only this one offer such a wonderful warranty.

Price – Is it Worth?

Baloo weight blanket is way expensive than any other weighted blankets under review on this blog. However, I believe its price is worth it based on its quality. Their high-quality design that looks good aesthetically and the neatly-finished double-stitched fabric should be something worth more than you expect.

Their prices at the time of writing this article were:

  • Twin: $149
  • Queen: $169
  • King: $194

Added with their duvet cover, the prices go through the roof. You might want to consider that before you make your purchase decision.

Baloo Weighted Blanket Review – Final Thoughts 

Baloo weighted blanket is my first weighted blanket, and surprisingly, my favorite. I am in love with its aesthetic, the feel, and how it hugs my body as I sleep. Don’t blame me, I am a fan of cuddling!

From the many weighted blankets, I have reviewed, Baloo have put so much thought into their design. I believe that is the reason why they are confident in their lifetime warranty.

The high breathability also made the Baloo weighted blanket a wonderful product for my review. The lack of fiberfill inside that holds the glass beads in place makes air circulation easy. They also use a high-quality cover that doesn’t interfere with the weighted blanket’s breathability.

My Baloo weighted blanket review is not without criticism. I am a bit worried about their pricing for the weighted blanket and cover. This makes Baloo weighted blanket a luxurious product and those on a tight budget may find it hard to go for it.

You can however buy the weighted blanket and forfeit the duvet cover. That way, you won’t feel the pinch of its cost.

To complete my Baloo weighted blanket review, I want to restate that this weighted blanket is one of the best high-quality weighted blankets. Their high aesthetics and finish culminate in their offering. If you love great taste products, go for one and you won’t regret it.

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