Do you need a weighted blanket for summer and hot conditions? Coolmax weighted blanket is what you are looking for and customer reviews confirm that it is the best.

Initially, weighted blankets were designed as a therapeutic tool and used in clinics for the treatment. However, today, weighted blankets have become mainstream. Everyone with the need for extra weight uses them. 

The mainstream use of weighted blankets has made them popular hence the need for dynamic designs. Today, weighted blankets for all conditions are in the market. Whether you are a hot sleeper or a cold sleeper, you are sorted.

The challenge is how do we tell that these weighted blankets work? Today, our focus is on Coolmax weighted blanket reviews, a great saver for hot sleepers!

But what is a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are similar to normal blankets, however, they have been designed to be heavier. They have an extra weight added onto them and fastened to the fabric. It’s these extra weights that give the blanket its name and the popularity that comes with them.

Filler materials such as plastic poly pellets, micro glass beads, and steel shot beads comprise most of the added weights. The weights are equally distributed in tightly sewn pockets to ensure that the weight of the blanket is even. 

Weighted blankets come in slightly different sizes than the normal blanket. They are smaller than normal and fit the body rather than the bed size.

The fitting of the weighted blanket is such that it does not hang loosely from the sides of the bed. This strategy is used in weighted blankets to ensure that the whole weight rests on the body giving it optimum pressure. 

Weighted blankets recreate the feeling of being hugged and gently squeezed, which is a feeling greatly yearned for by people with sensory-related symptoms. This has made the weighted blankets famous with Occupation Therapists since they use it on their patients to calm them down.

Weighted blankets work by stimulating the pressure points on the body to release serotonin, a happy hormone. The presence of serotonin in the body stimulates the production of melatonin hormone which is known for deep sleep.

Large quantities of melatonin cause the body and mind to calm down hence making us fall asleep. 

The Weighting Comfort’s Coolmax Weighted Blanket

Coolmax weighted blanket reviews

The Coolmax weighted blanket is one of the most loved cooling blankets according to customer reviews. This blanket works magic for people who have had a stressful day and just need calmness and comfort.

The Coolmax weighted blanket comes in 15lb, 20lb or 25lb weights. 

Unlike other weighted blankets, the Coolmax weighted blankets aren’t mass-produced by machines, but they are hand-sewn by weighting comforts through refugee women hence guaranteeing high-stitching standards and quality. Weighting Comforts is a non-profit making organization. 

Coolmax weighted blanket uses high-quality fabric material that is highly durable and comfortable. 

The Coolmax weighted blanket is known for its magic ‘cooling’ mechanism. This is contrary to many people’s expectations because weighted blankets tend to be hot due to their weight.  

The cooling mechanism of the Coolmax weighted blanket comes from its design. The weighted blanket has been made from 35 percent Coolmax and 65 percent cotton. The Coolmax poly-cotton fabric is a good absorbent of moisture, hence keeping the body cool and dry. This technology enables the blanket to maintain the normal body temperature while creating an environment of freshness.

The cotton fabric used to make the Coolmax weighted blanket has been obtained naturally from plants, hence being hypoallergenic. Cotton fabric is highly breathable and absorbs sweat when it is hot. 

The cotton fabric also holds air in the air spaces created by its fabric insulating the body against extreme temperature changes. This makes the blanket suitable during cold seasons as well.

Features of Coolmax Weighted Blanket

Coolmax weighted blanket light-grey
Light-Grey Weighted Blanket
  • It comes in 15, 20, and 25 lb weight
  • It is available in two distinct colors; light-grey and white.
  • The fabric is made from Coolmax and cotton material.
  • The fabric material is 100% natural
  • It is filled with FDA grade PVC compound (plastic beads) that are non-allergenic and non-reactive
  • It is hand-stitched with high stitching standards adhered to
  • The weighted blanket is machine washable making it easier to keep it clean

Weight and Size Options

The Coolmax weighted blanket comes in a variety of weights and sizes. It is also available in two colors.

Coolmax weighted blanket weight chart
Coolmax Weighted Blanket Weight Chart

Kids Weight and Size

The use of weighted blankets for kids below 2 years is not recommended. However, for children above 2 years old, the use of a weighted blanket should be under the supervision of an adult.

The available weighted blanket for kids weighs 7 pounds. Its dimensions are 58″ by 40″. 

The kids will have an option of two colors, white and grey. However, the availability of the correct weight and color is subject to confirmation from the merchant. The top seller is the light-grey weighted blanket. 

Weighted blankets have been designed to feel very comfortable. Should your child feel otherwise, you should withdraw the weighted blanket. This is because a weighted blanket is very risky and may lead to suffocation.

Adult Weight and Size

Adults have three options of the Coolmax weighted blankets to choose from. The weighting comforts have designed these three options of weighted blanket based on the needs of its consumers. 

The weighted blankets are available in 15, 20, and 25 lbs. The three available weighted blankets have a similar dimension of 55″ by 74″. 

Coolmax weighted blankets have been designed to be smaller than normal blankets to ensure that it doesn’t hang over the bed. A loosely hanging weighted blanket won’t be effective. This is because it’s weight exerts maximum pressure when it all lies over the body.

The smaller size weighted blanket also makes it easier to handle and carry around. 

The three weight options of the Coolmax weighted blanket are available in light-grey and white color. The availability of a specific color depends on what’s stocked by the retailer. 

The adults should choose a weighted blanket based on their weight. It is recommended that 10% of the bodyweight be used as a reference. However, should your weight fall in between the weights of two available weighted blankets, go for the lighter one.

In most cases, the weight of the weighted blanket to go for depends entirely on the preferences of the user. Most people have found out that a weighted blanket that’s to 20% of their body weight works magic for them. 

Weighting Comforts have designed their weighted blanket specifically for individual use. That’s the reason for the smaller size than the rest. The weighted blanket is therefore not suitable for sharing. 

Weighting Comforts also produce lap pads and weighted blankets that are portable. These can be used in class while traveling among others.

Coolmax Weighted Blanket Fabric

Coolmax Weighted Blanket Fabric
Coolmax Weighted Blanket Fabric

The Coolmax weighted blanket is made from cotton and Coolmax Everyday (polyester blend) fabric. The fabric is 65 percent cotton and 35 percent Coolmax.

The filler material used for the Coolmax weighted blanket FDA Grade PVC compound is made from plastic beads. The beads are secured in pockets sewn within the fabric.

Coolmax weighted blanket is washer and dryer friendly. 

When you purchase your weighted blanket, it may come with blue lines along the seams. These are lines drawn before sewing to ensure that the sewing technology follows a straight line. This will ultimately disappear upon washing your weighted blanket for the first time. 

The Coolmax all-season technology absorbs moisture during hot seasons keeping the user cool and dry. The fibers hold air during cold days insulating the user against temperature changes hence keeping warm. These two features help optimize the performance of the Coolmax weighted blanket. 

The fabric used on the Coolmax weighted blanket is quick-drying and highly breathable. The cotton fabric is densely weaved but still provides a smooth and comfortable feel. The fabric is rigorously tufted to create a soft and smooth surface. 

Benefits of Coolmax Weighted Blanket 

Coolmax weighted blanket benefits
Coolmax weighted blanket benefits

The Coolmax weighted blanket, just like any other weighted blanket has numerous health benefits. These benefits are all aimed at helping the user to relax and sleep. Some of the benefits include:

  • It reduces anxiety 
  • Recreates a hug and a gentle squeeze
  • Improves sleep quality 

Usage of Coolmax Weighted Blanket 

Weighted blankets were initially designed for therapeutic purposes. However, people realized its usage beyond the clinical setup which pushed its popularity beyond the roof. the Coolmax weighted blanket has two main uses:

  1. For better sleep
  2. Easing anxiety

For better sleep

Weighted blankets are known for improving the quality of sleep. It stimulates the body to produce serotonin hormone which calms and soothes the body. This creates a perfect mood for the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep. 

The first time using a weighted blanket may not yield the desired results. It may take up to a week or more to get used to a weighted blanket. 

It is recommended that you take a week to see how your body responds to the weighted blanket before you make a decision. 

Should you experience difficulty with a weighted blanket, try doing the following:

  • Begin by sleeping with your weighted blanket on top of a comforter covering the whole body from chest to toes.
  • With time, replace the comforter with a sheet when you are comfortable enough
  • Once you get used to that, cover yourself with the weighted blanket only, but starting with the lower half of your body
  • Try this trick with the upper half of the body and observe the reactions of your body
  • Finally, cover the whole body with the blanket once you are completely comfortable

For anxiety

Weighted blankets are widely used to induce calmness hence used to treat the symptoms associated with anxiety. 

So many things make us worry as we carry out our daily activities. These results in a buildup of stress. Smaller stressful situations ultimately lead to anxiety.

Anxiety is treated by calming the body and the mind. This is where the Coolmax weighted blanket comes in.

Covering the body with a weighted blanket stimulates the production of serotonin which calms and soothes the body. This induced calmness relieves anxiety. 

Is the Coolmax weighted blanket effective?

Customer reviews on Coolmax weighted blanket show that it is super comfortable with remarkable fabric material used. The fact that the weighted blankets are handmade shows that they are of high quality and finish. The high quality has however pushed the prices of the blanket upwards.

Most customers often complain of limited size options for weighted blankets. This is not the case for Coolmax weighted blanket since it is available in different weights and can be custom-made upon request.

Weighting Comforts offer good customer service. They have a return policy and money-back guarantee because they understand that a weighted blanket is a trial and error product. None of their customers have had any complaints or issues with Weighting Comforts customer service and their products.

The only thing that customers complain about in social media and in their reviews is the steep price of the Coolmax weighted blanket. However, most appreciate that their product is the best compared to the rest and hence deserves the price tag.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Superior fabric and quality The weighted blanket is expensive compared to others
It is highly breathable Has only two colors to choose from
It has four weight options and two color options to choose from. It may be bulky compared to weighted blankets made from micro-glass beads
The fabric is made from 100% natural material
The cotton used is hypoallergenic
It is filled with  non-allergenic and non-reactive FDA grade PVC plastic beads

Final Remarks

This Coolmax weighted blanket reviews show that the weighted blanket is the best option for people who find trouble falling asleep and remaining asleep for long. Its soft and smooth surface is comfortable to the touch.

Despite all these, it’s the price of the Coolmax weighted blanket that puts off most of the customers. However, their price is directly proportional to their superb quality.

The overall review of the weighted blanket is that it meets and surpasses the standards that are deserving of this product. Moreover, investing in a weighted blanket is like investing in your health. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about the price tag but concentrate on the quality that you will get.

Based on these reviews, I can comfortably and confidently recommend the Coolmax weighted blanket by Weighting Comforts. It will serve the purpose of calming you to sleep as well as easing anxiety buildup during the tiresome day.

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