A weighted blanket is a trusted therapeutic tool known for relieving anxiety and improving sleep quality. Our weighted blanket review shows that Layla has gone beyond the expected in their construction of a weighted blanket to package a hugging blanket that applies gentle pressure on the body and feels like a warm hug.

The Layla’s signature hexagon pocket stitching weighted blanket makes the bed look as good as it feels. 

So much thought has been put in its construction such that it offers two different sides for a completely different feel. One side features a plush, soft, mink-like fur. The side features a 300 thread-count 100% cotton fabric that is sure to offer a clean, soft, and easily washable side.

The hugging aspect of the weighted blankets applies the principle of Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) stimulation. DTP stimulates the body to release feel-good hormones that are responsible for calming and relaxing effects on the body.

Our comprehensive Layla Weighted Blanket review examines what makes this item receive a lot of praise. We will take a close look at its construction, feel, and many other features that our followers will find useful. 

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Otherwise, read on to learn more about Layla’s wonderful products. 

About Layla Weighted Blanket 

Layla is a great brand that you must have come across before. Their massive background gives them the authority they deserve in the weighted blanket market. Their long-standing reputation in producing quality mattresses and other beddings make them credible than any other online retailer.

Layla started as a family business in North America and has grown to be a merchant with mammoth business both in America and in the rest of the world.

Layla deals with mattresses, sheets, and pillows. They have expanded to weighted blankets, the reason for loads of talk about them online.

Why You Will Love Layla Weighted Blanket

  • It gives you two different feels – Layla weighted blanket gives you a blanket that has two different fabrics. You can switch it over and use the side that feels comfortable on you. The two sides also make Layla Weighted Blanket good for any weather condition.
  • It gives you different weight options to choose from – Layla weighted blanket has three different sizes to choose from. With it, you get a twin, queen, and king which measures 15, 20, and 25 pounds respectively. 
  • Its filler material has no noise – the weighted blanket is filled with micro glass beads. A polyfill fabric is used to fasten the glass beads with tight stitching ensuring that their movement is limited, successfully cutting out any noise as you move in bed. 

When is Layla Weighted Blanket Not Right for You?

A weighted blanket is not good for claustrophobic people. If you hate tight places or physical pressure around you, then using a weighted blanket is a bad idea. However, you can get yourself a lighter weighted blanket that won’t exert so much pressure on you.

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How Layla Weighted Blanket Works

Weighted blankets exert firm but gentle pressure on the body stimulating to produce feel-good hormones. The feel-good hormones calm and soothe the body making the users feel relaxed.

The use of weighted blankets also helps to stimulate the production of melatonin, a sleep hormone. Large quantities of melatonin in the body result in falling asleep faster and for longer.

The application of firm but gentle pressure on the body inhibits the production of cortisol hormone which is a stress hormone. Stress is the main sleep disorder that may result in other conditions such as insomnia. Getting rid of stress guarantees falling asleep faster and provides quality sleep that many people crave.

Layla Weighted Blanket Pros

  • Their weighted blankets are made of two different fabric materials.
  • The glass beads filler are non-toxic and noiseless.
  • The diamond-shaped pockets distribute the weight of the blanket evenly.
  • They are easy to wash.
  • The king-size weighted blanket is suitable for sharing.
  • Tight and firm stitches.
  • The company provides a five-year warranty.
  • Free shipping to US customers.
  • A long trial period of 120 days.

Layla Weighted Blanket Cons

  • Limited weight options.
  • The Mink side might be a bit hot.
  • It may take longer to adapt to the fuzzy feeling of the fleece-like material.

Layla Weighted Blanket Build Material and Construction

The construction of a weighted blanket plays a major role. The filler material and the outer fabric determines the impression the weighted blanket will have.

On my part, I got a chance to try out the 15 lbs Layla weighted blanket and I can report with confidence that I have never fallen in love with a weighted blanket this much!

The construction of the Layla weighted blanket features two different fabrics. 100% cotton fabric is used on one side and features a 300 thread count.

The other side of the Layla weighted blanket features a fleece-like fabric that is soft to the touch. 

You simply choose which side should come in contact with your body, and this can be determined by current temperatures.

Hot sleepers will prefer the cotton side while those who need some warmth will prefer the fleece-like side of the weighted blanket. This is because cotton is a highly breathable fabric, hence it will keep you cool during hot temperatures. 

Under the outer layer of Layla weighted blankets are two layers of poly-fill batting that are used to fasten the blanket fillers. Glass beads provide the extra weight to the weighted blanket. These glass beads are lead-free and non-toxic. 

The glass beads are secured by diamond-shaped pouches stitched on the weighted blanket. This ensures that the weight of the weighted blanket is evenly distributed.

Layla Weighted Blanket Sizes and Weights

Weight plays a big role in a weighted blanket. 

Insufficient weight means that the user won’t get full benefits from the weighted blanket. 

However, having too much weight on a weighted blanket can have unfavorable results. It will make one uncomfortable, limit movement, increase the heat at night, or result in back, chest, or limb pains. 

Choosing the right weight of a weighted blanket can be a challenge. However, as a rule of thumb, always go for a weight that is ten percent the weight of your body. 

An example is, a 15 lbs weighted blanket is suitable for a 150 pounds body. 

The table below captures the three options provided by Layla weighted blanket.

Blanket Size Dimensions Blanket Weight
Twin size 48 x 72 inches 15 lbs
Queen size 60 x 80 inches 20 lbs
King size 80 x 87 inches 25 lbs

Layla Weighted Blanket Feel and Support

When it comes to describing my feelings, I am not the best person to do that. However, something unique happened as I tried out my Layla weighted blanket for this review article.

Unlike the rest of the weighted blankets that I have tried out before, this weighted blanket made me feel grounded. At first, the fleece-like fabric side of the blanket made me uncomfortable, but with time, the calmness that it instilled in me overcame the comfort.

I couldn’t help but notice how plush and soft the mink fabric felt on my skin after a night or two of using it. This feeling instantly calmed my nervous system.

After a week of using this wonderful calming blanket, I can talk unendingly about how it feels.

First, let me start with its weight on the body. 

Layla weighted blanket has a perfect weight that makes you feel the ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing’ effect as you sleep. For the first time, I believe I didn’t shift my position the whole night. Neither did my legs feel creepy or itchy for the period I used the weighted blanket.

I can also say something about the deep pressure that the weighted blanket exerts on the body. I can confirm that indeed the Layla weighted blanket hugs you as you sleep. The feeling is something else. 

Being a fan of cuddling, I was even tempted to think that at some point, cuddling won’t be necessary having this weighted blanket with me. But, hey, I won’t dare mention that to my partner! Let it remain as a confession here only.

Layla Weighted Blanket Noise

As I tried out my Layla weighted blanket, I couldn’t help but notice that the weighted blanket made no noise as I turned or moved in bed.

You know I am most affected by noise than anything else. A little noise will keep me awake for long. But Layla surpassed my expectations and shut me down to sleep within a few minutes.

Layla achieves this by padding their glass beads between two layers of poly-fill material. This holds the glass beads tightly in place and restricts their movement. With this, two things happen: the blanket is noiseless and the weight on the blanket is evenly distributed.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Layla Weighted Blanket 

I have always disliked something that uses more than one fabric in its construction. It is not because of anything else but I ways believe having more fabric materials makes the cleaning complicated.

I love clean bedding but I hate cleaning them. I know, mine is a complicated case.

But during my review of the Layla weighted blanket, I was surprised to find out that it’s easy to clean and maintain. I like the part that I do not have to put in so much effort in cleaning it. 

Wit Layla weighted blanket, you can use your home washer and dryer. The temperatures shouldn’t exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can also tumble dry the weighted blanket on low. 

The only thing that you shouldn’t attempt is to use bleach on the weighted blanket. Neither should you iron it.

Layla Weighted Blanket Warranty and Returns

Choosing a weighted blanket and getting the right fit can be a hustle. In most cases, you may have to try several of them to get the right fit.

Online shopping has further complicated this arrangement. In most cases, you rarely get a chance to try out a weighted blanket bought online because you only see it once it has been delivered.

Therefore, with online shopping and as far as matters concerning weighted blankets are concerned, it is a good idea to check out the warranty and return policy of the product before you commit to it.

The good news is that Layla blanket offers a whole 5-year warranty on its products. However, this only covers workmanship and material defects.

The warranty for Layla blankets is not transferrable. You are only covered if you purchased the weighted blanket directly from them. Take note not to fall victim to the shady online merchants and second-hand retailers.

Layla also provides a 120 night trial period for their weighted blanket. Most of the weighted blankets I have reviewed only provide 30 days return period, but Layla weighted blanket sets itself off this mark. 

If by any chance you realize that Layla weighted blanket is not right for you within the 120 days, you are free to return it for a refund. You can always send them an email to support@laylasleep.com stating the reasons why you want to return your weighted blanket.

Layla will arrange for the return of the weighted blanket at their shipping costs, wow! And you get your full refund. 

Other Considerations

Trial Period – You get 120 nights to test the product with a money-back guarantee.

Warranty – The products comes with 5 years warranty that covers workmanship defects.

Shipping – Layla sleep provides free shipping for their products. This is however only applicable to US citizens only.

Cleaning – You can machine-wash and tumble dry this weighted blanket. It is that simple to keep it clean.


The Layla weighted blanket review has outlined so much about this wonderful weighted blanket.

Layla is not new to the bedding industry. With their brand power and experience in designing and delivering quality materials, it was only expected that this new addition will be top quality.

Layla weighted blanket didn’t disappoint, and anyone who gets a chance to review this product has the same praise for it.

Their construction quality and use of quality materials make them competitive in the weight blanket market.

In particular, I like their options when it comes to the fabric material. The use of two different fabrics on both sides ensures that the needs of all are catered for. It also makes their weight blanket an all-weather tool.

The use of micro glass beads also ensures that the weighted blanket does not make any noise at night. The stitching quality guarantees that the weight of the blanket is evenly distributed.

I am only concerned about their limited options in terms of weights. Their weighted blankets come in 15, 20, and 25 lbs. This gives their customers a limited option. But I trust that more weight options are in the pipeline.

Above all, this is the weighted blanket to go for. Their prices only mean that they have sacrificed a lot to give their customers the best. You shouldn’t squander the opportunity.

This marks the end of the Layla weighted blanket review. If you feel that we need to add something, feel free to leave a comment below.

Better still, you can still go through our comprehensive list of top-rated weighted blankets for more suggestions. 

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