Chances are you already know what a weighted blanket is, and your search for Moonbow weighted blankets is an indication that you want to get more reviews about this wonderful product. This review article is exactly meant to provide you with that information.

Moonbow weighted blankets provide a double-sided weighted blanket meant for all seasons. The weighted blanket gives you a soft but deep hug after a long tiresome day. 

The Moonbow weighted blanket is manufactured by Dubslabs who are known for their wonderful sleep products. It features a bamboo cooling side and polyester side weighted blanket for summer and spring/fall seasons respectively. It also includes a micro-plush duvet cover for winter seasons.

With the use of thermo-regulating bamboo fabric and the evenly distributed glass beads, this weighted blanket will ultimately put you and your anxiety to rest.

This article features the comprehensive Moonbow weighted blanket review that examines what gives this product a lot of popularity in the market. The review takes a close look at the construction, feel, and other features that our readers will find useful.

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About Moonbow Weighted Blanket

woman using blue moonbow duvet cover

Moonbow is a brand by Dubslabs for products that helps its customers to fall asleep faster. Their innovative sleep products include Bedphones, an adjustable pillow, a weighted blanket, and a sleep mask.

Dubslabs started as a company manufacturing Bedphones almost a decade ago. Their continued customer research and innovation have seen them expand their product range to cover all their customer needs.

Dubslabs Bedphones can also be used as great workout headphones because they don’t block outside noise. 

The idea of having earphones on during workout motivated Dubslabs to launch Versafit, sweatproof wireless headphones in 2018. Versafit is an amazing product for runners and cyclists.

Dubslabs believe that since human beings spent a third of their lifetime sleeping, sleep plays an important role in their life. Therefore, they aim to ease the struggles that people go through in falling asleep and remaining asleep for long.

This has motivated them to come up with their Moonbow double-sided weighted blanket that is a great option for all seasons.

Why You Will Love Moonbow Weighted Blanket

  • It has two different sides giving you different feeling whenever you need
  • Filled with hypoallergenic glass beads making it silent at night
  • Perfect for all seasons with one side meant for warm weather and another meant for cold seasons
  • It will help put away anxiety and unrest
  • You get an extra micro-plush duvet cover

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How Moonbow Weighted Blanket Works

man sleeping using a moonbow weighted blanket

Moonbow weighted blankets work by exerting a firm but gentle pressure on the body. This pressure stimulates the body to produce feel-good hormones: serotonin and oxytocin. The feel-good hormones calm and soothe the body making it feel relaxed.

The pressure exerted by the Moonbow weighted blanket comes from its extra weight. The extra weight is achieved from the filler materials used on the weighted blanket.

Serotonin also stimulates the body to produce melatonin, a sleep hormone. Melatonin soothes the body to sleep and keeps us asleep for a long period.

Large quantities of serotonin and oxytocin in the body inhibit the production of cortisol, a stress hormone. Stress the main sleep disorder that can keep us awake throughout the night. Stress can also lead to other conditions such as insomnia. Inhibiting stress guarantees us the quality sleep that most people crave for.

Moonbow Weighted Blanket Pros

  • It increases melatonin that is responsible for falling asleep faster
  • Increases serotonin that contributes to feelings of wellbeing & happiness
  • Decreases cortisol, a stress hormone hence helping you put stress to rest
  • Found helpful for persons with autism and insomnia
  • The thermo-regulating bamboo fabric stays cool in the summer & warm in the winter
  • Free shipping to US customers
  • Includes a micro-plush duvet cover that keeps it clean and makes it easy to wash

Moonbow Weighted Blanket Cons

  • It has limited weight and size options
  • It has limited color options
  • Maybe costly for people living outside the US because of shipping costs
  • Relatively short trial period compared to other companies

Weighted Blanket Build Material and Construction

Moonbow weighted blanket construction

I always like reiterating in my articles that the construction of a weighted blanket can make or break its reputation. Most people choose a weighted blanket based on the filler material and the fabric used.

What I like about Moonbow is that they do their customer research well. Their product design and construction shatters all the hopes of anyone rejecting it.

Moonbow weighted blanket features a double-sided weighted blanket that blasts the notion that weighted blankets are for cold seasons only. The two-sided blanket features a cooling bamboo fabric on one side and warm polyester fabric on the other side.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly renewable resource that has a remarkable thermo-regulating ability to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Moonbow weighted blankets also come with a micro-plush duvet cover that gives you a great luxury feel. So, you get three different fabric feelings, and not two are mentioned earlier, what a feeling!

  • Bamboo cooling side of the blanket for warm nights (summer)
  • Polyester side of the blanket for cooler nights (fall/spring)
  • Included micro-plush duvet cover for cold nights (winter)

The Moonbow weighted blanket is filled with micro glass beads that are spread evenly across the blanket. 

The glass beads are kept in place by gridded double-stitched seams that create square pockets on the blanket. This ensures that the weight on the weighted blanket is evenly distributed.

Sizes and Weights

The Moonbow weighted blanket is available in one dimension measuring 48 by 72 inches. However, there are two weights to choose from, the 15 lbs weighted blanket or the 20 lbs weighted blanket. 

Moonbow weighted blankets are designed to fit the bed and not hang over it like the normal blankets. This particular weighted blanket size fits the queen-size weighted blanket perfectly.

The weighted blanket was also designed to fit a person. It is best when used on a queen-sized bed. However, two people can share it as long as they feel comfortable with it.

Moonbow weighted blanket advises that individuals should ensure that the weighted blanket is roughly 10% of their body weight for effective therapeutic function.

Below is the Moonbow weighted blanket weight chart that will help you choose the right weight.

Blanket Size Blanket Weight Body Weight
48 x 72 inches 15 lbs Up to 180 pounds
48 x 72 inches 20 lbs 165 pounds and above

Moonbow Weighted Blanket Feel and Support

woman relaxing with a moonbow weighted blanket

Most of the customers have described the Moonbow weighted blanket as an ‘insanely comfy’ weighted blanket with ‘intense relaxation’.

This drug-free tool gives you a wonderful feeling from its double-sided fabric with an extra feel from the micro-plush duvet cover.

My experience with this weighted blanket was something out of this world! The soft feeling from the bamboo fabric took charge of my sensory nerves instantly soothing me to sleep.

I will honestly say that I would use the bamboo fabric side all year round irrespective of the season, because, hey, once I fall asleep with this blanket, not even a siren would wake me up!

The grounding effect from the weighted blanket is also something else worth mentioning. The creepy feeling that I always feel on my feet and the urge to move them about disappeared the minute I was ‘grounded’ by this weighted blanket.

I have to admit that your experience might be a little bit different from mine but we can all agree that nothing feels out of this world like a firm but gentle hug. Not mentioning cuddling. I bet that’s the main reason why most of us are married, phew!

Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions

It is not clear from the manufacturer how you can keep clean your weighted blanket.

But they include a removable and washable duvet cover. The duvet cover will keep your weighted blanket and it will reduce the number of times you can wash it in a year.

You should go through the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer during purchase. If you are not sure, kindly reach out to them before you damage this expensive product.

A quick note is that you can also wash a weighted blanket that is 15 lbs or less using your home washing machine. A heavier weighted blanket can be risky and may damage your washing machine. In that case, the best thing to do is to use a local laundromat or a commercial washing machine.

Weighted Blanket Warranty and Returns

Moonbow provides free shipping of all its products in the US. Their weighted blanket has a 30-day free return. Therefore, you are free to try it out within the 30 days and if you don’t feel comfortable with it, you can return it for a refund.

The catch is that the weighted blanket should still be in new condition, unwashed and in the original packaging.

You can however get an 80% refund if the weighted blanket is determined to have been “used” during return.

As a customer, you are also responsible for all the return shipping and packaging fees.

Moonbow also provides a 30-day warranty on its weighted blanket against any manufacturing defects.


Falling asleep with moonbow blanket

The review of Moonbow weighted blankets has given you a lot of information about this great product by Dubslabs.

Being in the sleep products’ market for over a decade, the company understands what customers need. It was only natural that they venture into this relatively new weighted blanket industry. And their results are not disappointing.

The use of quality materials and fabric in their construction sets this marvelous weighted blanket apart from the rest in the market.

The thermo-regulating bamboo fabric is a game-changer. The old belief that weighted blankets keep you hot no longer holds water.

It was expected that the use of quality fabrics and the hypoallergenic micro glass beads would make the weighted blanket expensive. However, getting it a paltry $200 is overkill. I haven’t mentioned that it comes with a free duvet cover.

Cleaning and maintaining of the Moonbow weighted blanket is easy because of the added duvet cover. Their micro-plush duvet cover is so soft and is available in two colors to choose from. The duvet cover will also keep you warm during cold nights.

The only problem with this weighted blanket is that it comes in limited weights and colors. But with its quality finish and its relatively large size, the blanket will feel comfortable on anyone.

I would recommend this weighted blanket. Anyone seeking to get a weighted blanket won’t be disappointed. The price that it comes at means they have sacrificed a lot to ensure their customers get the best. 

If there was a time that is right to own a weighted blanket, then it is now.

Parting Shot

This marks the end of our comprehensive review of Moonbow weighted blankets. If you have questions or any feedback, just hit us up on the comment section, and we will get back to you instantly. 

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