Finally, we have a weighted blanket that has been proven to help with anxiety, ADHD, stress, autism, SPD, and insomnia, at least according to the manufacturer. But what does my calm blanket reviews say about the weighted blanket? 

Does my calm blanket work? 

How is my calm blanket customer service? 

And are my calm blanket customers satisfied?

In this reviews article, we look at my calm blanket in detail and respond to the most pertinent questions concerning the weighted blanket function and what other customers are saying.

Read on.

What is My Calm Blanket?

My calm blanket is a blanket that has been designed to reduce stress and relieve anxiety. The calm blanket adapts to its functionality depending on the surrounding temperature and its weight and shape have been designed for personalized comfort. 

The weighted blanket that most customers have noted that it is comfy was engineered to weigh 7% to 12% of the body weight. The weighted blanket naturally reduces stress, soothes aches and pains, and increases relaxation.

How Does My Calm Blanket Work?

Most customer reviews note that my calm blanket works improving the quality of sleep, easing restless leg syndrome pains, falling asleep faster, and remaining asleep for long, maintaining constant temperatures at night, among others. 

One customer posted on my calm blanket reviews page that “I had one of the best nights of sleep using the blanket; I strongly recommend it for anyone who is a restless sleeper; keeps you grounded”.

So how exactly does this magic blanket work magic as reviewed by most customers? 

My calm blanket is made from furry, soft fabric with mink quilting. Glass beads are used to fill the pockets fastened within the fabric to give the weighted blanket the much-needed weight.

The extra weights on my calm blanket exert pressure on the body using the Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) stimulation. DTP promotes the production of serotonin and melatonin hormone, which are the natural chemicals in our body that regulate our mood and overall sense of calm. 

Through the principle of DTP, my calm blanket is able to give its users a wonderful feeling of being hugged or cuddled. This helps them to settle down from stressful or anxious moments. The users are able to relax faster and sleep deeper.

The guilted design of my calm weighted blanket enables it to keep users warm in winter and cool in summer. It has a calm blanket cool cover that is sold separately for keeping cool in summer. 

My calm blanket has been proven to help with autism, ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, stress, and SPD. Customer reviews also show that my calm blanket helps with restless leg syndrome and easing pain at night.

Variations of My Calm Weighted Blanket

My calm blanket has a secret source from its weight and size. It is its weight that helps your body minimize the need to move or fidget through its grounding effect. This effect gives you a calming state that melts away anxiety and depression

The extra weight on my calm blanket and the fitting size help users fall asleep quickly within 5 to 6 minutes. It also enables them to stay asleep for longer, waking up only after the sun rises.

But what exactly are the available weights and sizes for this blanket?

My Calm Blanket Weight Measurements

Weighted blankets obtain their functionality and fame from their weight. It is the extra weight that gives them their therapeutic function and the popularity that is continuously rising.

Weighted blankets come in various weights, and care must be taken when choosing a weighted blanket. This is because not all the weights are suitable for use by an individual. The weight of the weighted blanket that can be used is determined by the weight of the body.

My calm weighted blanket is perfect for all people. This is because it offers 4 different weights for its weighted blanket to choose from. The available weights are:

  • 5 lbs
  • 12 lbs
  • 18 lbs
  • King 20 lbs

When choosing the perfect My Calm Blanket, ensure that it falls between 7% – 12% of your body weight. It is advisable that you start with a smaller size and try it out to see if it is perfect before trying out the heavier blanket. 

The ratio for choosing the weight of My Calm Blanket is very simple. Below is a weight chart that will enable you to settle on your weight with ease.

My Calm Blanket Weight User’s Body Weight
5 lbs 40 – 99 lbs
12 lbs 100 – 151 lbs
18 lbs 150 – 200 + lbs
20 lbs 160 – 200 + lbs
My Calm Blanket Weight Chart

The 5 lbs My Calm Blanket is perfect for children who weigh between 40 – 99 lbs. The 12 lbs my calm weighted blanket is perfect for people who weigh between 100 and 150 lbs. Those who weigh above 150 lbs will be better off with the 18 lbs weighted blanket. However, those who weigh above 200 lbs will be better off with the king-size 20 lbs My Calm weighted blanket.

My Calm Blanket Sizes

Despite the variation in the weight of My calm blanket, its size is always constant. The weighted blanket’s dimension is 72 inches long by 48 inches wide. The weight is ideal for any single adult or teen, however, it may not be perfect for adults sharing.

Features of My Calm Blanket

  • It is made from a soft, furry fabric material
  • Micro glass beads used as its filler material
  • Made of breathable fabric to improve airflow
  • The inner layer is made from 100% cotton
  • It is available in 4 different weights; 5 lbs, 12 lbs, 18 lbs, and king 20 lbs.
  • The weighted blanket is available in only one size, i.e. 72” x 48”.
  • Comes with an outer cover

My Calm Blanket Reviews: My Calm Blanket Pros

  • Ensures quality rest
  • Guarantees fast and deep sleep
  • Aids with ADHD, autism, anxiety, stress, and Insomnia
  • Stimulates the production of serotonin and melatonin
  • Can be during hot and cold seasons
  • Available in 4 different weights to choose from

My Calm Blanket Reviews: My Calm Blanket Cons

  • My calm weighted blanket is available in only one size that is 72” x 48” which can be limiting especially for children

What we liked most

The best thing that we liked the most about my calm weighted blanket is that it has four weights to choose from. Any person who weighs 40 lbs and above can use this wonderful product. The fact that it is available from 5 lbs weight means that even children can use it.

The ‘earthing’ and ‘grounding’ feeling that you feel from this blanket helps you fall asleep faster. It also keeps you deeply asleep for long. The calmness that comes with it guarantees that you remain still on one side without any restlessness. Coupled up with the stimulation of hormones that boost mood, this weighted blanket will relieve you from stress and anxiety.

The blanket size is also large measuring 72 inches long by 48 inches wide. This can easily cover up an adult of any size. Better still, this size can be shared by two people. Therefore, not only you but also your partner can cover themselves with the blanket.

The fabric material used is soft breathable cotton. This is so soft to the feel. My calm blanket also uses micro glass beads as filler material making it less bulky. The highly breathable cotton material and the micro glass beads ensure that there is a high circulation of air.

The use of micro glass beads on the blanket makes it less bulky hence can be washed comfortably in the washing machine. The weighted blanket comes with a duvet cover that also helps keep it clean and can be washed easily.

What we didn’t like

The problem that we noted during my calm blanket reviews is that the weighted blanket comes in only one size. This is not reasonable because, for smaller individuals, the extra blanket will hang from the body reducing its effect. The large size can also be bulky for smaller blankets making it risky for children and the elderly.

Verdict: Does my calm blanket work?

My Calm Weighted Blanket works perfectly for people who want to reduce stress and get relief from anxiety. 

It responds well to temperature changes and its weight and size have been designed for personalized comfort. 

The weight has been designed well such that it’s 7% – 12% of the user’s weight. This extra weight exerts pressure on the sensory nerves stimulating it to produce hormones that calm the body. This principle is called deep touch pressure stimulation and has been widely used in therapy.

Our verdict is that just like any other blanket, it is expected that My Calm Blanket induces calm to its users. What makes it unique is its soft, cooling, and highly breathable cotton material that is perfect for all temperatures. 

The only problem with this weighted blanket is that it comes in one size. It may be a challenge to fit it on the body hence some people may not realize maximum benefits from the weighted blanket.

Some customer reviews from other websites concerning My Calm Weighted Blanket show that some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with their services. Most of the customers complain about their return policy, while others complain of a lack of response from the customer service. The phone number of My Calm Blankets is not provided on their website further aggravating the issue of customer service response.

My Calm Blanket FAQs

What is my calm blanket customer service number?

My calm blanket customer service number is not provided on their website. Many people have been searching around for their contact, but strangely, My calm blanket company has not provided any contact so far. 

However, you can reach them through their contact us page. You will be required to have an order number while contacting them. Through their contact up page, you can only request a change of shipping address or request for a refund.

Are there any My Calm Blanket Complaints?

Customer reviews on my calm blanket website seem to be all rosy. However, reviews from other third party websites and social media show a lot of customer complaints, for example, Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau. Actually, Better Business Bureau has noted a pattern of customer complaints against My Calm Blanket such that it notes on the website that it has opened an investigation against the company.

What is my calm blanket phone number?

The phone number for my calm blanket company is not provided on their website. However, you can reach them through their contact us page. You will be required to have an order number while contacting them. Through their contact up page, you can only request a change of shipping address or request for a refund.

Is my calm blanket available on Amazon?

My Calm Weighted Blanket is currently not available on Amazon. However, you can purchase it from the manufacturer’s website at My Calm Blankets.

Can I return My Calm Blanket to the manufacturer?

My Calm Blanket accepts a return for a refund which can be done through their website’s contact us page. However, from the customer reviews of my calm blanket on Better Business Bureau, most of the customers are complaining that they have never received a refund even after returning the weighted blanket.

What is my calm blanket company?

My Calm Blanket Company is the manufacturer of My Calm Blankets and accessories such as duvet cover, weighted sleep mask, and calm blanket cooling cover. The company is still new and has not established its authority in the market well.

Am I able to machine wash my My Calm Blanket weighted blanket?

My Calm Blanket is machine washable. The weighted blanket uses a soft cotton fabric and micro glass beads to fill the weighted blanket. This makes it less bulky and fits the washer machine comfortably. 

Are My Calm Blanket weighted blankets hypoallergenic?

The filler material used by My Calm Blanket is not hypoallergenic. The manufacturer does not mention this anywhere within their website. However, they mention that they have used micro glass beads as their filler material which are generally known to be obtained naturally and are less toxic and allergic.

Are there different weight options for My Calm Blanket blankets? What weights do My Calm Blanket blankets come in?

Yes, my calm weighted blanket offers different weights for their weighted blankets. As of 27th August, 2020, the available weights from their website were 5 lbs, 12 lbs, 18 lbs, and king 20 lbs. However, all these come in only one size which is 72” x 48”.

Which weight blanket should I get from My Calm Blanket?

My Calm Blanket offers a weight chart that can be used to select the suitable weight of the weighted blanket. Kindly check on the weight chart provided on this article which is similar to that provided on their My Calm Blanket website.

How are the fabric options for My Calm Blanket? Can you choose between different fabrics?

Currently, My Calm Blanket only offers their weighted blanket in a single fabric option which is cotton fabric as of 27th August 2020. Before they used a silk variety but that was discontinued because the customers continuously asked for breathable fabric.

How expensive is My Calm Blanket?

The prices of My Calm Blanket and its accessories are available on their website. You can visit the website and select the product that you can purchase and checkout through their website.

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