Today’s article is focused on the Quility weighted blanket review. Quality is a premium weighted blanket that has well-distributed weight and uses highly breathable materials that won’t overheat the body.

According to Quility, their weighted blankets help with sleep-related problems such as stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Well, even though there are no conclusive research studies to support the claim, we will try and review the claim.

During this review, the main concern will be on whether the sleep better under Quility weighted blanket than they would normally.

To achieve this, we will look at various customer reviews and company information. The review will be focused on what customers say about the weighted blanket’s construction, durability, comfort, and weight.

The company’s customer service and warranty information are also critical in a product’s review. This is because a weighted blanket is not a one-fit-all item. You have to try out several of them to get a perfect match.

The review article on Quility weighted blanket will also be based on personal experiences. 

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Otherwise, read on to learn more about Quility’s weighted products.

What is a Quility weighted blanket?

Quility weighted blankets are manufactured by Quility with millions of tiny glass beads fastened in place by cotton-polyester fabric.

The glass beads add extra weight to the weighted blanket which when evenly distributed across the body, will bring about a soothing, calming, and relaxing sensation.

Quility weighted blankets are manufactured in various sizes and weights. They also come with a removable weighted cover.

How does a Quility weighted blanket work?

Weighted blankets use a scientific principle of applying pressure on the body to calm it down. The Occupational Therapists have been using this principle and it is famously known as deep touch pressure (DTP) stimulation.

Science support this principle by showing that this kind of pressure applied to the body helps people feel grounded and relaxed. This feeling of being ‘earthed’ or ‘grounded’ provides a conducive environment for restorative sleep.

Weighted blankets like those produced by Quility are meant to mimic a hug or deep massage. These are known to stimulate the body to produce feel-good hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin that are associated with relaxation and pleasure.

Large quantities of the feel-good hormones in the body stimulate the production of melatonin hormone. Melatonin is best known as a sleep hormone.

The deep touch pressure applied to the body also inhibits the production of cortisol, a stress hormone whose large quantities in the body increases stress. This enables the weighted blanket user to keep the stress down whose presence can disrupt sleep.

Excellent Features From Quility Weighted Blanket

  • Effective weight and size for all ages
  • Highly breathable
  • Smooth to the touch and extremely comfortable
  • Luxurious look and cozy feel

What are the Pros of Quility Weighted Blanket?

  • Quality seven-layer construction.
  • Made with non-toxic and hypoallergenic glass beads.
  • The glass beads are firmly attached to the fabric hence no noise during movement
  • The weighted blanket is available in six different colors
  • The weighted blanket’s sizes fit both children and adults
  • Different weights are available for both children and adults
  • The weighted blanket has loops to safely attach the duvet cover
  • High-quality stitching technology
  • The weighted blanket has a 30-day return window
  • The stitching technology and quality finish make the blanket durable
  • Exceptional insulation technique
  • Free shipping to all the states in the US

What are the Cons of Quility Weighted Blanket?

  • Covers sold separately hence higher financial implications
  • Can be hot during hot temperatures
  • The use of padding layers minimize airflow and breathability
  • The company lacks a sleep trial warranty
  • Can be suffocating if the wrong weight is chosen
  • Can only be dry-cleaned or hand-washed

Who Can Use Quility Weighted Blanket?

Quility weighted blanket eases the symptoms of anxiety, stress, PTSD, and insomnia. People suffering from these sleep-related disorders will find this weighted blanket useful.

Quility weighted blanket is also useful to anyone who needs a more restful night.

The Quility weighted blanket is available in different weights to accommodate both the children and the adults. 

The smallest and lightweight blankets are available in 36 by 48 inches and weigh 5 pounds. This can be used by children from 3 years old who weigh between 40 and 70 pounds.

The heaviest weighted blanket measures 86 by 92 inches and weigh 30 pounds. This is the best weighted blanket for couples or people sharing.

What are Quility blankets made of?

Quility weighted blanket is made up of seven layers of different fabric materials.

These multiple layers consist of:

Outer Layer: the outermost layer of the weighted blanket is 100% cotton.

Padded Layer: just under the outer layer is the padding layer. The padding layer consists of polyester padding.

Filled Layers: Beneath the padded layer is the polyester layer that holds micro glass beads in place.

Beads: the filler material in this weighted blanket consists of millions of minute lead-free, non-toxic glass beads.

Large square pouches contain the glass beads. This keeps the glass beads evenly distributed making the weight of the blanket even. 

What does Quility use for filler?

Millions of micro glass beads fill the Quility weighted blanket to provide the much needed extra weight.

The glass beads are lead-free, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. 

Large square pouches sewn onto the polyester padding material hold the glass beads in place.

Are Quility Blankets Expensive?

The cost of weighted blankets ranges from $30 to $400. However, for Quility weighted blanket, you will get it at a price below $200. That makes it slightly cheaper than most of the weighted blankets.

However, you can look out for promo codes and discount codes online. You might be lucky to get yourself a weighted blanket at half the retailing price.

What are the color options for Quility Blankets?

Most of the manufacturers don’t pay so much attention to the look of the weighted blankets. 

However, that doesn’t mean that weighted blankets are ugly. They just don’t provide enough color options to fit your home decor.

Quility weighted blanket is different from most of the brands. This is because you get a wide variety of color options, which is a good thing. After all, you are also spending a lot on the product.

Quility has six color options to choose from. These are navy blue, aqua, grey, chevron, pink, and ivory.

What are the different Quility sizes and weights?

Quility weighted blankets have different sizes and weights to choose from. Their generous weights and size options for their weighted blankets make them attract most customers.

The weighted blankets are available for three categories of users based on their weight and size. These are children, adults, and couples sharing (king and queen-sized beds).

For children, the available weights and sizes are:

  • 5 lbs measuring 36 x 48 inches
  • 7 lbs measuring 41 x 60 inches
  • 10 lbs measuring 41 x 60 inches
  • 12 lbs measuring 48 x 72 inches

For adults, there are weights and sizes for twin-sized beds, full-sized beds, and queen and king-sized beds. The size and weight options for twin-sized beds are:

  • 12 lbs measuring 48 x 72 inches
  • 15 lbs measuring 40 x 72 inches

The size and weight options for full-sized beds are:

  • 12 lbs measuring 60 x 80 inches
  • 15 lbs measuring 60 x 80 inches
  • 20 lbs measuring 60 x 80 inches
  • 25 lbs measuring 60 x 80 inches

The size and weight options for king and queen-sized beds are:

  • 15 lbs measuring 86 x 92 inches
  • 20 lbs measuring 86 x 92 inches
  • 25 lbs measuring 86 x 92 inches
  • 30 lbs measuring 86 x 92 inches

The king and queen-sized bed sizes are perfect for couples and people sharing. 

How do you decide on a weight?

Choosing the right weight for a weighted blanket is the most critical task. The right weight ensures that the user gets the benefits of the weighted blanket without having any risks. 

Quility weighted blankets have a comprehensive weight chart that gives you the right weight of the weighted blanket you should go for.

Individuals buying a weighted blanket for use with single, twin, or full-sized bed, Quility recommends that the blanket should weigh approximately 10 to 12 percent of the body weight. You can add an extra one pound. If the weight falls between two weighted blankets, you choose the lighter weighted blanket.

If you are a couple buying a weighted blanket for a queen or king-sized bed, the company suggests going for a weighted blanket that weighs 10 to 12 percent of the lighter person’s body weight.

The Quility weighted blanket weight chart is provided below.

Body Weight Blanket Weight (lbs) Blanket Size (inches) Target
40 – 70 pounds 5 36 x 48 Children
70 – 90 pounds 7 41 x 60 Children
90 – 120 pounds 12 41 x 60 Children
110 – 140 pounds 15 48 x 72 Children
110 – 140 pounds 12 48 x 72 Twin-size bed
140 – 180 pounds 15 40 x 72 Twin-size bed
110 – 140 pounds 12 60 x 80 Full-size bed
140 – 190 pounds 15 60 x 80 Full-size bed
190 – 240 pounds 20 60 x 80 Full-size bed
240 – 280 pounds 25 60 x 80 Full-size bed
110 – 140 pounds 15 86 x 92 Queen and King size
120 – 190 pounds 20 86 x 92 Queen and King size
190 – 240 pounds 25 86 x 92 Queen and King size
240 – 280 pounds 30 86 x 92 Queen and King size

Is the Quility blanket’s weight evenly distributed?

Quility’s sewing technology ensures that the weight on the weighted blanket is evenly distributed. The weighted blanket uses a polyester padding that has large square pouches to keep the filler material in place. This way, the glass beads do not shift to one place when you move hence making the weight evenly distributed over the body.

Are Quility weighted blankets hot?

The construction technology of the Quility weighted blanket does not make it suitable for hot sleepers. This is because it runs a bit hot.

The extra padding material that holds the glass beads together makes it a bit thick and reduces breathability. However, the external cotton fabric absorbs sweats from the body hence the skin remains dry.

However, the weighted blanket comes with a duvet cover that regulates temperatures.

How do you wash and maintain a Quility weighted blanket?

The Quility Weighted Blanket is not machine-washable or dryable. The company advises hand-washing it with mild detergents. You should dry it flat. Dry cleaning the weighted blanket from Quility is also an option.

The good thing is that the weighted blanket comes with a duvet cover and these are machine washable and dryable. 

Simply remove the duvet cover from the weighted blanket by unzipping it and untying the loops then machine-wash it in cold water.

Both the Minky and cotton covers are machine washable. Do not wash with bleach or tumble dry.

Safety Considerations When Using a Quility Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is an important tool for inducing a calming effect for children and adults. However, it can be risky if not handled with caution.

Pregnant mothers should not use a weighted blanket. Their use should strictly be under the doctor’s recommendation.

Use a weighted blanket on children with a lot of care. Children under the age of two should not use a weighted blanket. Other children under the age of three should use a weighted blanket with adult supervision.

The use of a weighted blanket on the sick and the elderly should also be with extreme caution. The elderly and the sick could be physically weak, hence a weighted blanket can burden them and make it hard for them to breathe normally.

What is the warranty on a Quility blanket?

Quility weighted blanket has a 30-day money-back guarantee. In their policy, they also state that should you feel dissatisfied with their products, you will get a full refund.

Are There any Tips for Buying a Quility Weighted Blanket?

Almost every customer review shows that Quility weighted blanket results in an almost instant sleep. But it is not every weighted blanket that is perfect for. 

If you are new to a weighted blanket, you need to take note of the following before purchasing one.

First, ensure that you get the right weight and size. A heavy weighted blanket can suffocate you as you sleep. However, you won’t get full benefits with a lighter weighted blanket. You will end up not benefitting from it.

Secondly, ensure that you get the right fabric for a weighted blanket. Take note of the filler material used as some can be irritating to the skin. The noise that the filler materials make can be a great distractor to your sleep.

Lastly, consider the purpose for which the weighted blanket will be used. Remember that you can use a weighted blanket anywhere including in the planes while traveling, on the couch, and in bed.

What’s our Verdict?

From the review article, it is clear that Quility weighted blanket is a perfect option for every person from children to adults. The wide range of sizes and weights make Quility weighted blanket a perfect option for all your family members.

The fact Quility used a 100% cotton fabric for their weighted blanket makes it get a high rating among the customers. Most customers in their reviews recommend Quility weighted blanket because of its premium, soft cotton.

Quility weighted blanket is also perfect for couples and people sharing. You know that nothing shouldn’t come between a married couple, right? Then why should a weighted blanket separate them?

Our final verdict of the Quility weighted blanket review is that it is the best product that we can ever recommend. It’s among the best products that we have ever reviewed in our blog and we love it so much. 

So, get yourself this wonderful product today and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

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