Is sleeping naked better for your health? Many people still underestimate the power of sleeping naked and the positive impact it can have on their body and their general well being. 

Some times, you find yourself in circumstances that force you to sleep in full night regalia. In fact, others prefer to go to bed covered in their pajamas because of weather conditions. But if only you knew what benefits you miss by not sleeping in your birthday suit, you would never have spent any money on those pajamas that you have in your wardrobe.

There are several health benefits that come with sleeping naked. Read on to discover what you have been missing.

Health Benefits of sleeping naked

  1. Sleep better

Better sleep comes when your body is free from restrictions or any constrictions. Having clothes on while sleep restricts the body and prevents the skin from releasing heat naturally.

Sleeping naked enables your body to better regulate its temperatures hence being able to get a restful sleep. This is particularly important to women approaching their menopause stages or in full menopause. These women get hot flashes at night that make it impossible to sleep. 

According to Dr. W. Chris Winter, MD, the author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It, the body temperatures at night fluctuates so much. Therefore, it would be better to control the body temperatures with the blanket rather than having to wake up at night to remove layers and layers of clothing that you put on.

  1. Fall asleep faster 

Nothing feels good than the snuggle of smooth sheets and blankets against your body. This feeling soothes you to sleep. Cuddling those sheets as you sleep with nothing on gives you a fulfilling urge. In fact, it makes you forget all the day’s troubles and peacefully fall to sleep.

Sleeping naked lowers the body temperatures around you. It makes your body relax and adopt the sleep mode which is in correlation with the circadian rhythm. Lower body temperatures also reduce the middle-of-the-night and early morning wakings.

  1. Enhance self-esteem and confidence 
Sleeping naked enhance self-esteem and confidence
Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

Sleeping naked gives you more time to feel comfortable with your skin. The more you touch your skin and feel yourself, the more comfort you get with it. This comfort in the processes builds your self-esteem and confidence. One study concluded that spending some portions of your day naked boosts your body image. This in return enables your self-esteem to skyrocket.

The feeling of not having any constrictive clothing on you like the boxers or bras makes you feel more comfortable. It leads to happiness and a sigh of relief. 

  1. Leads to a happier love life and a better relationship
Sleeping naked leads to a happier love life and a better relationship
Image by Karen Warfel from Pixabay

Sleeping naked does not only benefit your body but extents to benefit even your partner. That skin-to-skin feeling increases bonding between you and your partner and creates an open environment between the two of you.

Skin-to-skin contact also results in the release of a hormone, oxytocin. Oxytocin is a love hormone that increases the love and emotional connection between you and your partner. The contact between your skin and that of your partner increases the pleasure of orgasm which is known to boost your mood and reduce stress naturally. Research also shows that people who sleep naked are happier in their relationship than those who sleep with their pajamas.

  1. Avoid yeast infections 

Sleeping on your pajamas and other tight clothing creates an environment that is conducive for the yeast to blossom. Yeast infections thrive in damp and dark environments. Armpits and crotch become the most probable places due to less circulation of air in these places. Sleeping without these garments will increase air circulation on the skin making it difficult for yeast infections to thrive. It also reduces the athlete’s foot infections and other damp infections.

  1. Improves vaginal health 

The vagina is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Its health is paramount and can only be achieved with a clean environment. Going to bed on tight underwear creates an environment that makes it difficult for the vagina to breathe. When the environment around the vagina is damp and moist, the chances of getting an infection increases. Therefore, sleeping naked is a good practice that will enable ladies to protect their valuables. It will also enable them to keep it in good condition while giving it a conducive environment to breathe and remain healthy all through.

  1. Burn calories leading to weight loss
Sleeping naked burns calories leading to weight loss
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

It is true that you can lose your weight as you sleep. First of all, sleeping naked helps to reduce general body temperatures. When your body temperatures are lower, your body fights to make you warm by generating more heat. This is achievable through the burning of more calories, hence leading to weight loss in the long run.

Another explanation for this is that during the night, the body works on repairing damaged cells that were damaged during the day. This could include dead cells on the skin and other body parts. This process results in the burning of more calories on the body.

Sleeping naked also leads to a decrease in the level of cortisol in the body. The reduced level of cortisol helps to fight the accumulation of belly fat.

  1. Slow down aging/look younger
Sleeping naked slow down aging/look younger
Image by M Jurcevic from Pixabay

Sleeping naked has the effect of enhancing deep sleep which enables the body to secrete a healing and growth hormone. The body also releases collagen which helps to repair the skin from the day’s damage hence making it smooth. This makes you plumpy in the morning apart from boosting confidence. 

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety 
Sleeping naked reduces stress and anxiety
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

The stress reliever hormone, oxytocin, is released by the body during the skin-to-skin contact. This is not possible for people who sleep alone. However, the act of removing clothes and sleeping naked without any constriction and restrictions is a complete stress reliever. The reduction of stress levels for couples or for individuals impacts the body positively. The blood pressure levels are reduced drastically while the risk of stroke or heart attack is also reduced drastically. People who are less stressed have happier sex life and relationship in general.

Tips on how to start sleeping commando

Despite the fact that sleeping naked has got so many advantages, many people may not be comfortable taking off those clothes and sleeping commando. However, there are several ways that can help you develop the habit and stand to reap the benefits that come with it. These simple steps will drastically change the habit and give you a whole new ‘freedom’ as you go to sleep.

Sleep on your underwear – sleeping naked is not a one-day thing for starters. At first, it might be uncomfortable or make you feel weird. The best thing to do is to inculcate the habit slowly. Start off by sleeping with fewer clothes and reduce them daily. This will make you get used to the habit slowly as your body also adjusts. Finally, you will find yourself in your birthday suit. That is when you begin enjoying the benefits that come with it.

Use breathable fabric – the whole aspect of sleeping naked is to allow fresh air to circulate freely on your body. However, it would be meaningless to sleep naked but still cover your body with materials that do not allow air circulation. It is recommended that you cover yourself with blankets and sheets that are made from natural materials like cotton.

Change sheets and covers based on the season – many people complain that it is extremely cold to sleep naked during winter. However, a nice collection of blankets and sheets will enable you to keep warm without the need for any pajamas. During the summer period, a sheet and a light blanket will do well in covering your body without making it hotter than it is. 

Try taking a shower right before going to bed – Try to make it a habit taking a warm shower before going to bed. A warm shower will make your body clean and refreshed. That way, you will keep your beddings clean for long. The warm shower also makes you feel sleepy.

Talk to your partner to find out if they might want to sleep naked too – sleeping naked with your partner increases the skin-to-skin contact, which in return results in the secretion of oxytocin hormone. Oxytocin is responsible for reducing stress and increasing intimacy between you and your partner. Asking your partner to sleep naked enables you to maximize the benefits of sleeping with your bare skins in contact. It will also increase your sex and love life, just saying.

Keeping the room dark may be of help – many people are not comfortable sleeping naked because of so many things. One of them is the fear of being ‘seen’ naked. I really don’t know if that makes sense. Anyway, to reduce this fear, make your room dark. This will help to increase your confidence to sleep naked, particularly during summer when it is hot and covering yourself is not an option. 

Lock the door to increase the level of safety – If you are sleeping alone, the best thing is to lock the door to your bedroom and have all the privacy to yourself. This increases the level of safety and makes you more comfortable going to bed naked.

Talk to your kids about privacy and knocking first before entering – sleeping naked could be difficult for parents, especially mothers with small children who could burst into their bedroom without knocking. Children can burst into your room and join you in bed without warning, making you feel weird if you are in your birthday suit. Talking to them on the importance of privacy will go a long way in ensuring that they don’t get you unawares and end up seeing you naked.

What to wear if you can’t sleep naked

Sleeping on tight and constricting clothes can have adverse effects on your health with time, both physically and mentally. Sleeping naked is beneficial especially to women. It gives you more benefits that make you keep your youth, confidence and enjoy your love and sex life. However, many people still find it hard to sleep naked despite all the benefits that accrue with it. There are few things you can wear to bed to ensure that you still benefit even if you aren’t able to sleep naked.

Wear loose-fitting pajamas made from a natural material. Loose-fitting pajamas will give your body the privacy it deserves. It will enable free circulation of air to your body keeping it cool. The pajamas should be made from materials like cotton, silk, or linen, instead of synthetic fiber. A weave of fabric can also be a good option.

Ensure your pajamas are clean every night. Dirty pajamas have an accumulation of dead cells that fall off your skin every night as you sleep. The PJs also have a build-up of sweat. With time, it encourages yeast infections and other bacteria that lead to acne and itching of the skin.

Wear loose socks made from a natural material. Cold feet could be a result of a lack of sleep. The body finds it hard to regulate the temperatures of the feet. People with cold feet find it hard to fall asleep fast. Covering these feet with warm socks makes them warm. This in return reduces the amount of time you take before falling asleep. Taking care of cold feet will give you a chance to sleep naked on the rest of the body. The socks should be made from natural material to encourage a free flow of air in the toes.


Sleeping naked has so many benefits to you and also to your partner. Apart from the health benefits, sleeping naked also helps you reduce the amount of laundry in your house. If you find it uncomfortable to start sleeping naked right away, try to use the tactics suggested in this article. If this is not enough, get breathable pajamas to sleep on. That way, you will keep warm and still get the benefits of sleeping naked.

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