Weighted blankets continue to gain popularity in the whole world. Their benefits to people with sensory disorders, depression, anxiety, and insomnia have given them the publicity it deserves. Sensacalm weighted blanket is one of them and from customer reviews, this is a weighted blanket that will give you the quality sleep you have been longing for.

Sensacalm weighted blanket is a drug-free product that can calm down nerves, reduce anxiety, and instill a sense of security. It also improves the quality of sleep and reduces temper. It provides a therapeutic function that people with sensory disorders long for.

Many schools, hospitals, and homes have embraced the use of weighted blankets. Occupational Therapists and psychiatrists constantly recommend weighted blankets to their patients.

Sensacalm has been at the forefront providing quality weighted products for many years. 

In the detailed Sensacalm weighted blanket reviews, we highlight more information about Sensacalm that you haven’t heard of. 

We will give you the details of its construction, weight and sizes, cleaning instructions, and why you should choose this wonderful product.

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Otherwise, read on to learn more about Sensacalm’s weighted products.

About Sensacalm

Sensacalm started over a decade ago as a family business. The idea was born from a simple solution for one of the family members who had been diagnosed with autism.

The company started selling its products through a website, and before knowing it, it had orders from all over the world.

Sensacalm is located in Chattanooga and it has grown to many staff members and customers. The company hand-makes their blankets for their customers. 

The company’s mission is focused on friendly customer service, high quality and comfortable weighted products, and enhancing the livelihood of skilled workers living in the USA.

Sensacalm aims at custom-sewing their weighted products and other sensory products to offer people a natural way to have less stress and more rest.

Their core business has been mainly with autistic people but the growing popularity of the weighted blankets has opened doors to more customers which includes anyone with anxiety, stress, and those seeking to improve the quality of their sleep.

Sensacalm Weighted Blanket Types

Sensacalm has a wide range of weighted blankets and weighted products to choose from. These are listed below.

Classic Weighted Blankets

sensacalm classic weighted blanket

Sensacalm classic weighted blankets provide a wide range of assorted and ready-made weighted blankets to choose from. The company has tried to make the customers work easier by incorporating tried and tested designs to come up with classic weighted blankets that fit their needs.

The classic weighted blankets are available in various sizes and weights. These include small, medium, large, full-size, queen-size, and king-size. This ensures that children, teenagers, adults, and couples are taken care of.

The weighted blankets are also available in various colors and shades, especially for children and teenagers. Therefore, there is a weighted blanket color that matches your bedroom interior.

Custom Weighted Blankets

Sensacalm custom weighted blanket

Although Sensacalm has gone the extra mile to design weighted blankets for every customer’s needs, there are those customers that still need special attention.

Sensacalm have a tradition of listening to their customers. And from the customer reviews, they came up with a custom sensacalm weighted blanket that gives the customer the autonomy to design their weighted blanket.

With a custom weighted blanket, the customers can personalize their weighted blanket by choosing from a selection of over 50 fabrics.

The Sensaclam weighted blanket fabrics include children and teens fabrics, pattern fabrics, gallery fabrics, supreme solid fabrics, waterproof fabrics, and double-sided cuddle fabrics.

Economy Weighted Blankets

Economy weighted blanket

Sensacalm Economy Weighted Blanket features a more affordable weighted blanket. 

This weighted blanket features a simplistic design that is made to feel comfortable with the utmost quality and finish.

The weighted blanket has been made from quality materials that are durable and non-toxic.

This weighted blanket can be washed in a machine and dried in a dryer. Above all, it comes at the most affordable prices.

Travel Weighted Blankets

Travel weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are bulky and not suitable for travel. But in most cases, some people have travel anxiety which could be eased with a weighted blanket.

The good news is, you don’t need to travel with your bulky weighted blanket. Sensacalm has given you a weighted blanket alternative for traveling.

The Sensacalm travel weighted blanket comes at a throw size of 34 by 50 inches. Its weight is more condensed in a smaller size to reduce the bulkiness during travel. This makes it small enough for traveling on a bus, a plane, a car, or anywhere.

This travel weighted blanket is available in 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 lbs. You simply choose the most suitable weight and you are sure to get it.

And the good news is that every purchase is accompanied by a matching travel pillow!

The sensacalm travel weighted blanket is made with no fluffy polyfill. This ensures that the banket is compact. 100% cotton fabric is used for the external fabric. There is an option to add polyester cuddle fleece backing.

Sensacalm travel weighted blanket is machine-washable and dryable. 

If you happen not to like the existing designs, you can place your custom order. 

Other Weighted Products

Sensacalm sleep masks

As they seek to help people with autism and other sensory disorders, Sensaclam offers a range of other weighted products such as weighted wraps, lap pads, peaceful pals, and sleep masks. All these are available for sale from their website.

Sensacalm also provides other sensory accessories such as:

  • Face Masks
  • Chewies/Oral Motor Tools
  • SleepySuds Epsom Salt Soaps
  • Nature’s Truth Essential Oils
  • Scented Lotions and Sprays
  • Sensory Ocean Waves Projector
  • Tiny Talker
  • Compression Sheets
  • Waterproof Sheets
  • Plasma Ball Lamp

Simply visit their website and get yourself one of these wonderful sensory accessories.

Sensacalm Weighted Blanket Build Material and Construction

Sensacalm adheres to high-quality standards in their construction of a weighted blanket. They use quality and durable materials that are safe for human use.

The company uses 100% cotton fabric for the outer layer. They also use quality, long-lasting cuddle fabric. Upon request, Sensacalm will special order other kinds of fabrics to meet their customer demands.

The weighted blankets use glass beads as their filler materials. These superior weighting materials are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. 

In their construction, Sensacalm uses hypoallergenic Poly-fil to make the blanket soft and fluffy. Even though these pillow-like stuffings can be left out upon customer request. They are only used in blankets, and not in wraps.

The weighted blanket is constructed to meet quality standards. Square pouches guilt the glass beads ensuring that the weight of the weighted blanket is evenly distributed. 

The company uses double stitches on the outside seams and ensures that the other seams are firmly made. This makes the weighted blanket strong and does not need a duvet cover.

The Sensacalm weighted blanket is machine washable and dryable because of the strong construction technology.

Sensacalm Weighted Blanket Weights and Sizes

Sensacalm has six different sizes of their weighted blankets. Each targets different groups of people including children, teens, adults, and couples sharing.

The sizes are:

  • Small (34″ x 50″) For toddlers
  • Medium (38″ x 62″) For teens
  • Large (38″ x 72″) For adults
  • Full Size (56″ x 72″) For adults
  • Weighted Blanket – Queen (62″ x 72″) For adults sharing
  • Weighted Blanket – King (76″ x 80″) For adults sharing

Each of the weighted blankets has various weights which are detailed in the section below under the Sensacalm weighted blanket weight chart.

Sensacalm Weighted Blanket – How to Choose the Right Weight

The best option for choosing the right weight of a weighted blanket is by seeking the Occupational Therapist recommendation.

If that option is not viable, then you can follow the guidelines provided by Sensacalm.

Sensacalm recommends that you can choose the right weight of the weighted blanket by using body size. However, that varies with the size of the weighted blanket.

For a small size weighted blanket, take 10% of the body weight and add one pound. 

For a medium-size weighted blanket, take 10% of the body weight and add two pounds to it.

The larger weighted blankets can be selected by taking 10% of the body weight plus three pounds.

However, the company does not recommend the right weight for the queen and king-sized blankets. You just have to give them information on how you intend to use the weighted blanket and they will advise you on the right size.

The size of the weighted blanket plays an important role in selecting the right weight. You have to realize that a 10 lb small blanket feels different from a 10 lb queen size weighted blanket.

The weighted blankets from Sensacalm have been designed to fit the body and not the bed.

Sensacalm Weighted Blanket Weight Chart

The company offers the following weight charts for their weighted blankets:

Small Weighted Blanket

Child Weight Blanket Weight
20 pounds 3lbs
30 pounds 4lbs
40 pounds 5lbs
50 pounds 6lbs
60 pounds 7lbs
70 pounds 8lbs

Medium Weighted Blanket

Child Weight Blanket Weight
30 pounds 5lbs
40 pounds 6lbs
50 pounds 7lbs
60 pounds 8lbs
70 pounds 9lbs
80 pounds 10lbs
90 pounds 11lbs
100 pounds 12lbs
110 pounds 13lbs
120 pounds 14lbs
130 pounds 15lbs

Adult Starting Weight Guide

Weighted Blanket Size Blanket Weight
Medium 12 lbs
Large 15 lbs
Full 20 lbs
Queen 30 lbs

Elderly and Frail Adults Weighted Blanket Weight Chart

Weighted Blanket Size Blanket Weight
Small 5 lbs
Medium 8 lbs

Sensacalm Weighted Blanket Cleaning Instructions

Sensacalm weighted blankets come in a variety of different fabric types. Each of the fabric has different washing and drying instructions. Ensure that you read the washing instructions tag on the blanket before you wash.

If your weighted blanket has solid red or other bright colors and it is your first time washing it, you should wash it on cold with ½ cup of salt to set the color.

You need to wash the weighted blanket by itself in warm or cold water. You should not use the gentle cycle for heavier blankets in top-loading washers. However, for satin duvets weighted blankets, they can be washed on cold or warm water on a gentle/delicate cycle or hand washed.

Weighted blankets that weigh over 20 lbs can damage your washing machine. You need to wash them on a commercial washer and dryer.

Sensacalm weighted blankets can be tumble dried on low/medium heat or line dried apart from satin duvet weighted blankets which should only be line dried.

Weighted blankets with cuddle fabric or satin duvets should never be washed with a fabric softener.

Is Sensacalm Weighted Blanket Right for You?

You should choose Sensacalm weighted blanket as your anxiety and depression tool.

Sensacalm has been in the weighted blanket business for more than twelve years and they understand the customer needs than any other manufacturer. 

They have a return policy of a 1-year guarantee against manufacturing defects which is unmatched by any other competitor in the market.

From the above-detailed review, it is clear that Sensacalm offers a wide variety of sizes and weights for their weighted blankets which most of the manufacturers we have reviewed before struggle to provide.

In addition to that, Sensacalm also provides a shorter manufacturing time for their custom products. You only need to place a custom order and your weighted blanket will be ready in a few days.

Above all, Sensacalm’s customer service is top-notch and highly responsive. You can contact them via phone, email, or chat from their responsive website.

You only need to go online and see the myriad positive customer reviews to be convinced that Sensacalm will be your next weighted blanket.

Better still, you can still go through our comprehensive list of top-rated weighted blankets for more suggestions.

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