Couples have so many things in common. They simply share everything that they have between them. This is because biblically, once married to each other, the husband and wife become one. It, therefore, makes sense for them to share everything they have amongst themselves. However, couples sharing weighted blankets is still a subject for discussion and the consideration is based on so many factors. Many questions often remain unanswered on whether couples can share a weighted blanket. Let us try to answer some of them in the subsequent sections.

Can couples share a weighted blanket?

This question often doesn’t have an affirmative answer. Despite the fact that weighted blankets for couples are becoming popular by the day, there isn’t any research or medical statement that really supports the idea.

In most cases, for couples to share a weighted blanket, it is based on their own trial and error methods. And the bad news is that not all of them have reported effectiveness in sharing the weighted blankets.

Or, lets put it simply, many of them who have tried it haven’t come out to share their experiences on whether it really works.

But let’s try and delve into its safety in the next section.

Is a weighted blanket safe for couples?

Weighted blankets are safe for couples sharing. But it depends.

The couples should feel comfortable when sharing a weighted blanket. Both should be open to sharing their experiences on how they feel when they share a weighted blanket. 

The couples sharing a weighted blanket should also observe safety measures like not covering their head or faces while asleep. They should ensure that the weighted blanket is evenly distributed on both of their bodies. 

Couples sharing a weighted blanket should also observe the recommended weight for the weighted blanket they are using. This leads us to the next question. 

How heavy should a weighted blanket be for a couple?

After being sure that you can share a weighted blanket as a couple and getting an affirmative that it is safe to use one weighted blanket, the next logical question is how heavy the weighted blanket should be.

The weight of a weighted blanket for couples depends on the combined weight of the couples intending to share.

The general rule is the ten percent rule used for individual weighted blanket.

But the ten percent should be for the combined weight of the couples.

Therefore, the weighted blanket should be ten percent of the combined weight of the couples sharing the blanket.

But there is one more thing that you need to take note of.

The weight of the people sharing the weighted blanket should be almost the same, or vary by a small margin. This ensures that the shared weighted blanket is effective for both of you, and doesn’t feel uncomfortable on one person.

It is also recommended that when choosing a weighted blanket for couples, you should take note of both the parties’ preferences, as mentioned in guidelines for weighted blankets.

How do you pick a weighted couple blanket?

Picking a weighted blanket for couples shouldn’t be a problem once you understand your preferences and you know your combined weight. 

Most of the manufacturers provide a comprehensive guide on the best weighted blankets that you can pick. Most of them have designed weighted blankets that are specifically meant for couples sharing.

However, there are other things that need to be considered when buying a weighted blanket for couples because of your general safety.

  • Always consider the ten percent weight rule for your weighted blanket. The weighted blanket to be shared should be ten percent of your combined weight.
  • Consider the material used to make the weighted blanket. Both of you should be comfortable with the material and none of you should be allergic to the material used.
  • Consider the filler material used to fill the weighted blanket. Some fillers could cause an allergic reaction to the body, which can cause a nasty experience for either of the couples. Others make noise when you move in bed disrupting your sleep.
  • If one of the couples is pregnant, then you should consider reading the weighted blankets and pregnancy first.

What you should know before buying a weighted blanket for couples

Aside from knowing what a weighted blanket is, it is pertinent that you understand what makes it what it is. Weighted blankets have different characteristics that dictate how it works. Some of these are discussed below.


Different weighted blankets have different sizes. Most of the weighted blankets available are made for individual users, and their sizes will be relatively small.

Other companies make weighted blankets that are meant for sharing amongst two individuals.

Before going for a weighted blanket, you should know your size, i.e. how tall or short you are.

The good thing is that all the weighted blankets have dimensions. It will be easier to find a suitable blanket if both of you are of almost the same height.

Note that a weighted blanket is meant to be used from the chin to toe, a famous rule known as Chin-to-Toe-Rule.


Weight is another very important factor for weighted blankets. In fact, without weight, weighted blankets wouldn’t be available in the first place because they simply derive their name and functionality from their weight.

The general weight of a weighted blanket should be ten percent of the combined weight of the couples sharing. The blanket can, however, be heavier or lighter by at most 2 pounds, depending on your preference.

The key thing is how comfortable you are sleeping under the weighted blanket, and not what is recommended by the manufacturers.

Filler type

What you should have known by now is that weighted blankets are normal blankets, but have items stuffed inside it to make it heavier than the normal blanket.

Different filler types are used to fill different weighted blankets. Some are filled with micro glass beads, poly pellets, disc, or polypropylene plastic beads, and some use organic grains such as rice, beans, etc.

The type of fillers used to make your weighted blanket should be an important factor to know before purchasing it.

This is because each filler type has its own merits and demerits. Some are even allergic to your skin.


Just like normal blankets, the material used to make weighted blankets vary a lot.

Most of the materials in use include cotton, flannel, fleece, Minky, rayon, linen, and microfibre. These materials have different advantages and disadvantages.

For the sake of this post, weighted blankets made from cotton are recommended because they are highly breathable.

Minky texture has its advantages especially when it comes to calming you to sleep. Most weighted blankets have these features on one side.


Weighted blankets have a cover that protects it from getting dirty easily. Just like a duvet cover, the weighted blanket covers are also removable in most cases.

Not all weighted blankets come with a cover. In some cases, a cover is bought separately. You should ensure that your seller makes this clear to you before you buy one.

Weighted blankets that come with their own cover are highly recommended. This is because a cover may add an extra weight, which if not taken into consideration, can make your sleeping experience under a weighted blanket uncomfortable.

Weighted blanket covers are recommended because they keep your weighted blanket clean. They are also easy to clean when they accumulate dirt.

Keeping your weighted blanket clean increases its lifespan because frequent washing makes the material weak. Keeping it clean is also good for your health.


For any product that is bought, the price is an import consideration. The same is true for a weighted blanket.

Weighted blanket prices vary greatly depending on the features and the manufacturer. While shopping for one, it is not only enough to consider its price. Features and quality also play a bigger role. In fact, the price of a weighted blanket should be the last thing to consider.

One thing that can make the price go up is whether it comes with its cover or the cover is purchased separately.

The material used to make the weighted blanket and the filler type also determines the final price.

Generally, a purely cotton weighted blanket filled with micro glass beads will be more expensive than those made from other materials.

Pros of using weighted blankets for couples

Increase intimacy

Let’s face it. Sleeping together as a couple increases intimacy more than anything else. In fact, this is even more effective if you both sleep naked! Who wouldn’t like that?

When it comes to sharing a weighted blanket as a couple, I take it as the best news. Each person having their own weighted blanket is a ploy to reduce your intimacy, which I believe isn’t what both of you are looking for.

Less expensive than buying two

The truth is, buying one large blanket is cheaper than buying two smaller ones. The price might even surprise you when it reduces by almost a half the cost you would spend on two blankets. After all, we all want to save a penny or two. Therefore, a shared weighted blanket for couples is a welcome idea.

Easy to care for one blanket

Another simple fact that appears silly is that caring for a single blanket is better than caring for two. This is great news for the lazy peeps. And it’s a fact that nobody likes additional work. 

Covering the bed

It is more complicated trying to organize the beddings around two people when you both sleep on the same bed. I mean which ones should we spread in the morning, how will you demarcade the bed to avoid the weighted blankets overlapping at night when both of you are unaware? 

It can be chaotic and frustrating as compared to having a single blanket.

Cons of using weighted blankets for couples

Lack of even weight over one body

Weighted blankets work best when they are wrapped on the body and none of the parts are hanging outside the bed. Having two people share the same weighted blanket reduces its effectiveness. A good weighted blanket should fit the body so well and none of its parts should hang freely over the bed.

The weight of a weighted blanket is not distributed evenly on the two bodies

Two people sleeping under a weighted blanket has higher chances of one body being highly raised than the other. The resulting effect is one body carrying the whole weight of the weighted blanket than the other, hence not serving its full purpose. The body that carries more weight can also be overwhelmed by the weight, and hence leading to undesired side effects that result from weighted blankets.

Recommended weighted blankets for couples

You’ve come this far, and now you are convinced that weighted blankets for couples is the right way to go. That is good.

The next step is to give you a recommendation for weighted blankets that you can buy as a couple. These weighted blankets have been proven to work for couples and we guarantee that you will get value for your money.

The weighted blankets are listed in no particular order.

Image Product Material Where to Buy
YnM weighted blankets for couples YnM Weighted Blanket for Couple -100% cotton Material with Glass Beads
-Luxury king size 80”x87” for couples
Buy on Amazon
JOLLYVOGUE Adult Weighted Blankets King Size JOLLYVOGUE King Size Weighted Blanket -100% Soft Cotton
-Dimensions 16 x 15.6 x 6.9 inches
Buy on Amazon
ZonLi Breathable Light Grey Weighted Blanket for couple ZonLi Breathable Light Grey Weighted Blanket for couple -100% Cotton
-Free Grey/Navy Minky Cover
Buy on Amazon
Vintap Adult King Size Weighted Blanket for Couples Vintap Adult King Size Weighted Blanket for Couples -Bonus Minky Duvet Buy on Amazon
Hypnoser Weighted Blanket Hypnoser Weighted Blanket 2.0 King Size for Couple -100% breathable Cotton Fabric
-Filled With Glass
-Dimension-19x 16.2 x 6.2 inches
Buy on Amazon

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