Most of the people find this as a trivial question. Indeed what you wear to bed is directly linked to the quality of sleep that you get. Getting quality sleep plays a big role in your daily life. In fact, research has shown that poor sleep is linked to poor relationships, car crashes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

The first step to a night of quality sleep is not the beddings that you sleep on but what you wear to bed. This could change with changes in weather conditions. However, the underlining factor is what material is the clothing made of? Does it give you enough comfort as you sleep? 

In this article, we walk you through what most guys/girls do wear to bed at night. In addition to that, we also give you a range of bedding suitable for any clothing that you chose to wear to bed. Follow along…

What guys/girls wear to bed at night


Nothing beats going to bed with nothing on

Yes, you heard it right. Going to bed naked is one of the best both for your health and for your partner as well. When we say nothing, we mean completely nothing. Having not even an underwear or a bra. There are so many benefits that result from going to bed naked. This is discussed comprehensively in the blog post “Is going to bed naked better for your health?”. Sleeping naked not only gives your body a room to relax but also lowers body temperature. Your body functions well under low temperatures. In addition to that, it ensures that there is free circulation of air on your skin. Sleeping naked also guarantees better and quality sleep.

Sleeping naked can be so simple for those who sleep on their own. However, sharing a room might be a challenge, especially if your roommate is not your partner. However, it is good that you find out from your roommate if they are comfortable with you sleeping naked.

Breathable pajamas

A girl wearing breathable pajamas to bed
Image by Наталья Данильченко from Pixabay

Sleeping naked ain’t for everyone. Not all of us are comfortable sleeping naked. In other cases, circumstances don’t allow. Nonetheless, there are other alternatives that will allow you to sleep comfortably and grant your body the freedom it so desires while you sleep. You can get your hand on a range of breathable pajamas that give your body enough room to get a fresh air supply.

While selecting a breathable pajama, it is good to consider those pajamas made from natural materials like cotton, silk, fleece or linen. The choice would, however, depend on your surrounding environment and your natural body temperatures while you sleep. The fabric’s weave of the pajama also matters a lot.

Clean clothes

Keep your sleeping garments clean
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Always focus to go to bed with clean clothes. In this case, your pajamas should be clean. Dirty pajamas have a buildup of the skin dead cells and accumulation of sweat. This makes the sleeping experience unbearable, at the same time, it can lead to a skin infection. It actually doesn’t matter if you sweat so much at night or not.

The accumulation of body oils inside your clothes leads to acne on your back and on the shoulders. This dirt also leads to a condition called contact dermatitis. This condition causes the skin to have an itchy effect, swelling, and irritation. It would be better to sleep naked if you hardly wash your clothes.

Lightweight Socks

Lightweight and warm socks can come in handy for cold feet
Image by Katrina_S from Pixabay

Many people have cold feet that often keep them from falling asleep fast. This is because the body finds it hard to regulate the temperatures of the feet to the normal body temperatures. Keeping your feet warm at night has an effect of reducing the time it takes to fall asleep by up to 15 minutes. Fortunately, there are lightweight socks that can be used to keep the feet warm and make you fall asleep faster.

You should always be cautious when choosing socks to cover your feet at night. The chosen socks should be lightweight. This is because heavy socks cause the feet to overheat and introduce sweat and moisture. Avoid socks that are not made from natural material such as cotton, silk, fleece, or linen. Choose breathable socks to ensure sufficient air circulation in the feet.

Make it a practice to change the day’s socks to fresh and clean ones before going to bed. It is advisable to take a warm bath before going to bed. Ensure that you dry the feet completely before wearing the clean set of socks.

Ear and eye covers

Earplugs and face mask will help you avoid distractions during sleep

Going to bed surrounded by light or noise is a sure way to wake up feeling tired and fatigued. Invest in an eye cover and earplugs that will help you eliminate distractions and focus on your sleep. 

The best sleep masks should be comfortable to wear to bed. They should be breathable and contour to your face for maximum comfort. The best sleep masks are made from natural materials like cotton and silk. Those who love weighted blankets would surely fall in love with weighted sleep masks. Weighted sleep masks are known to help some consumers relax and sleep better.

Earplugs, on the other hand, are good for enabling you to sleep comfortably without any premature waking due to sounds from your surrounding environment. The best earplugs for sleeping are also made from natural materials like foam or silicone. Foam earplugs are known for completely blocking out any disturbances because they fit into the ear canal and expand. Silicone, on the other hand, fits into your ear but they don’t go too deep. These could be good for consumers who don’t want disturbances from light sounds.

Sleep trackers

Wearing sleep trackers to bed will enable you monitor your sleep habits
Man Sleeping With Smart Watch In His Hand Showing Heartbeat Rate

Today’s advancement in technology has made it possible for us to monitor our sleep patterns. You get to know what needs to be changed to achieve quality sleep. There are several wearable sleep trackers that enable you to collect a lot of information about your sleep patterns. Sleep trackers can be worn on the wrist. Others can be fitted on the pajamas while others can be placed under the mattress.

The wearable sleep trackers enable you to learn about your individual sleep patterns. With it, you are able to know how long you slept, your heart and breathing rate at night. You also get to know your body temperature and night movements. In addition to that, you can also get your body’s circadian rhythm and the REM cycle. Other sleep trackers do come with their internal alarm clock.

What you shouldn’t wear to bed


Wearing underwear to bed is a bad idea
Image by Amanda Zhang from Pixabay

A lot of people have made it a nighttime routine to go to bed in their undies. Doing so is a bad idea despite the fact that most of those who wear them to bed believe that going to bed naked is uncomfortable. 

Wearing underwear to bed have the effect of creating heat hence making your pubic region moist and dark. This is risky, especially for ladies. Warm and moist environments cause vaginal infections and encourage the breeding of yeast and other bacteria. For men, the increased heat around the testicles makes it hard for sperms to be produced. This is because sperms production works best at low temperatures.

Going to bed without any undergarments is in itself comforting and results in better sleep. Apart from that, it is also good for couples since it increases intimacy. You reduce your laundry. Phew!

Tight clothes

Wearing tight clothes to bed will limit your sleep quality

During sleep, the body finds time to relax. This is the perfect time for the damaged skin cells to be repaired. When you go to bed in tight clothes, you restrict your movement hence you fail to experience real freedom. Chances are, you will wake up feeling extremely tired.

Tight clothes restrict fresh air circulation in your body. This may limit skin repair and reformation.

Tight clothes also raise body temperatures. High body temperatures create a warm and moist environment for yeast and bacteria to blossom. The end result of it is unwanted infections on the skin and the body. It also makes it impossible to get quality sleep due to itchy rashes on the body and irritation. 


Take off your bras before going to bed

Many women believe that going to bed with bras helps to prevent the sagging of breasts in the future. However, bras have got a lot of health limitations on your body. 

First, the fresh air circulation is limited to the skin area covered by bras. 

Secondly, tight-fitting bras limit the movement of diaphragm and ribs during deep breathing, hence reducing the amount of air inhaled. A reduction in air inhalation has the effect of reducing oxygen supply to the body and the brain.

The straps on your bras can also dig deeper into your skin and cause unwanted indentation and irritations. 

Wearing a bra to bed also increases the chances of getting a fungal infection. This is because it creates a moist and warm environment that encourages yeast and bacteria to grow.


Do not wear makeup to bed

Makeup is used by so many ladies to enhance their beauty. However, going to bed with makeup on does the complete opposite, making your skin age at a drastic speed. 

The layer of makeup that is applied to your skin blocks the pores that are used to secrete sweat. When this sweat is released by the skin, it builds up and forms a thick layer on the skin. The buildup of sweats blocks the skin from getting fresh air circulation. The result is uncomfortable rashes and irritation on the skin. In addition to that, it will make the skin lose its glamour and tenderness hence aging fast.


Going to bed gives the body a perfect chance to relax and the skin gets time to repair itself. To achieve this biological process, the body needs freedom to adjust its temperature however it wants. Therefore, sleeping naked or in breathable clothing ensures that the body gets sufficient air circulation. The body temperatures are also kept at a minimum. This makes it conducive for the body to continue with its biological process of skin repair. Sleeping naked or in breathable pajamas also ensures that your body gets fresh air circulation. The fresh air refreshes the body giving you the much needed deep sleep.

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